Anger Management

Find out why you have trouble controlling your emotions.

Don’t let anger affect your social or personal relationships any more.  We can help you make that change and improve your life! We can help you find and eradicate the real reason that you get angry in the first place, so you no longer feel the need to get angry or feel the urge to speak words that you regret later.

The Anger Management Program

Our specialists can help guide you through the reactive mechanisms in your mind and help you get rid of anger.  You will learn many things in our program, and receive certificates for completing courses.

Learn about:

  • Why you react the way you do
  • The real reason people “flip out”
  • How to communicate calmly and get your point across
  • Preventing anger getting out of hand
  • How to be a great role model for your kids
  • Tools for improving your relationships
  • Tools for solving problems with more effectiveness

Anger is an emotional level, and our program is designed to help you raise your emotional levels, so you enjoy happiness and better communication with people.

Our anger management program will help transform your life in a pleasant and courteous environment.  Call us now! (916) 519-5287